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Australian Sapphires


Australian Sapphires Pty Ltd is a wholesale-only sapphire marketing and sales business established to bring the best of Australian Sapphires to Australian and New Zealand Designer-Makers and Australian and New Zealand Jewellers.


Australian Sapphires Pty Ltd supplies high-quality well-cut Australian Sapphires which have been mined in Central Queensland.

The Australian Sapphires business has been established by Rod Beattie and Ian Bone both of whom have an excellent track record in promoting, marketing and selling Central Queensland gemstones internationally.

The site is limited to AUSTRALIAN and NEW ZEALAND designer makers and JEWELLERY RETAILERS.

Individuals meeting the above criteria can sign up HERE for access to all the inventory on this site.

Verification of designer-maker credentials or jewellery industry professional status will be requested on signing up to the site. All applications for webshops access are reviewed to ensure the above credentials are met.

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ACN 665 163 191
ABN 71 665 163 191
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